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The annual Key Biscayne Rib Off holds a special place in the community's hearts as it is held in memory of the late Dr. Bob Kemper, a co-founder of the event and the 2009 Champion. Dr. Kemper was known for his love of BBQ and unwavering support for the island community, and his legacy lives on through this cherished tradition.

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About the Dr. Robert Kemper Award for Professionalism in Medicine

The Dr. Robert Kemper Award for Professionalism in Medicine is named in memory of Dr. Robert Kemper, who exemplified the highest qualities of medical professionalism until his life was cut short by cancer. During their medical training, our recipients have demonstrated:

•    Respect for patients, faculty, staff members, and peers.

•    Altruism, compassion, and empathy towards patients.

•    A sense of commitment, duty, responsibility, and dedication to the ethical practice of the medical profession.

•    Comportment, courtesy, and exemplary personal demeanor becoming of a physician.

•    An ability to convey hope, be a healer of patients, be a team builder, and foster harmony in the group and the workplace.

In honor of Dr. Kemper's dedication to the medical profession, all proceeds from the Rib Off now benefit the Robert Kemper Award for Professionalism in Medicine. The recipient of this prestigious award will have the honor of including it in their Residency Program applications and will also receive a plaque and a monetary award to support their continuing medical education.

The Robert Kemper Award is made possible through the Key Biscayne Community Foundation's generous contributions and donations from Dr. Kemper's grateful patients, family, and friends. It serves as a meaningful tribute to Dr. Kemper's legacy and his unwavering commitment to professionalism in medicine and reflects the deep appreciation and respect he garnered within the community.

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